Convenio (CLA)

Convenio (CLA) insurance

Convenio in Spanish is like a Collective Labor Agreement (CLA) in English.
If you have salaried staff, you are obliged to join a collective labor agreement.

"The rules in the Convenio are constantly changing, do I still meet the obligations?"

Conditions change in every convenio almost every year. This also includes insurance obligations.
To avoid fines or out-of-pocket payments, it is wise to be well insured.

For whom is a collective labor agreement insurance?

As mentioned, a collective labor agreement is mandatory for every company with salaried employees.
This is to protect the personnel, and you as an entrepreneur are therefore not included.
As an entrepreneur you are responsible for, for example, your pension, healthcare and third-party insurance. We are happy to help you with your personal wishes.

What is included in a convenio (CLA) insurance?

Often there is part of disability insurance and occupational accident insurance for both temporary and permanent illness.
Many collective labor agreements also have compulsory life risk insurance.
In the event of the death of a staff member, your company will be paid out.
In addition, it often includes both health insurance and a collective pension savings plan.

Automatic CLA insurance

Each sector has its own convenio with different conditions.
For example, coverage limits (for eg incapacity for work) can change every year.
We can offer a special collective labor agreement insurance that changes with the legislation.
So you no longer have to worry about it.

This automatic convenio insurance also prevents your company from receiving fines after inspections, or from having to pay damage claims by the company itself.

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