Commercial real estate

Commercial real estate insurance

If you have several commercial real estate assets in Spain, you can insure them collectively. This is not only a lot cheaper, but also more transparent.

"I rent out houses in Spain, am I properly insured?".

If you rent out houses in Spain, you must indicate this with the insurance application. Different conditions and cover then apply. Even if you are still building or renovating the house, separate insurance is required.

Build and renovate insurance

Suppose you bought a house in Spain and there is still a lot to be done. In that case, it is important to take out construction insurance in addition to home insurance. This insurance has an additional third-party liability (legal liability) that covers damage to third parties that is normally not covered.

Although the construction company has third party insurance, you are always liable at the end. It is an addition to the general building and contents insurance. This can be requested or canceled at any time.

Insurance for vacant houses

If you own an empty house (for example because it is for sale) you can take out separate insurance. Because this is of course quite common among business real estate owners, a separate product has been created for this. With this vacant home insurance you have basic home insurance for a lower premium.

How do you use your commercial real estate?

Insurers distinguish between:

- Permanent habitation
- Second house
- Rental to permanent renter (long term)
- Tourist rental (short term)

All of these options have different conditions and coverage options. It is therefore important to indicate the correct use and, if necessary, to adapt these changes.

Why IFAR for your commercial real estate insurance?

We are independent and work with more than 20 leading insurers in Spain. This allows us to always offer the most suitable insurance for the best premium. We have a lot of experience with business real estate insurance and can give you good advice. Let us advise you send you a quote free of charge and without obligation.


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