Home insurance

Home with household effects insurance

In Spain it's customary to have a home insurance with household effects insurance in one.
The rules for taking out a home insurance are different from what you are probably used to.

“Spain has many burglaries! Extra security is often required, especially with remote homes. "

Walk into any Spanish residential area and everywhere you'll see the "We have an Alarm" warnings. You also often see bars for the doors and windows or they use shutters.
Of course, this is not for no reason! Firstly, the burglars are becoming more daring and, secondly, there is no coverage without traces or camera images.

What exactly is a home insurance?

All walls, windows, floors and ceilings are covered by a standard home insurance.
But also, for example, a fixed fitted kitchen (without separate equipment) will be covered by the home insurance. All wiring and water pipes within the wall will also be part of the home insurance. (Note! For example, a radiator will be included in the household effects insurance).

What is covered by a household effects insurance?

Pretty simple! First, everything you can pick up and move is covered by a household effects insurance. In addition, heating equipment (Stoves, boilers, air conditioning, etc.) is covered by the household insurance. In the bathroom, for example, the built-in bathtub is covered by the home insurance, but the toilet under the household effects insurance.

Do you want to insure a "Piso" (Apartment)?

An apartment is often part of a community building.
For the shared areas (Ex .: Central hall, stairs or elevator, etc.) and walls, the Association of Owners (AoO) will be responsible for the building insurance. And this also applies to the building's facades.

But be aware! It is common in Spain that the AoO chairman changes every 2 years.
For that reason, the community building insurance also changes (often due to personal interest).
To avoid surprises, we always advise to insure your own outside walls. That way you keep it under your own control and for relatively low (extra) costs.

Insure a remote house (despoblado)

Imagine you have bought a nice house with vineyard in "The middle of nowhere".
Which of course is beautiful, but to insure this house there are many conditions.
Consider, for example, good anti-theft protection to prevent exclusion from theft coverage. The insurance will also look at the type of roads that go to your house. (In relation to access for emergency services).

Insuring valuables

You can insure valuable collectibles such as art, jewelry, etc. above € 2,000 per item separately. There are of course conditions attached to this with regard to the correct security.
This can for example be a good camera installation, alarm and / or safe.

In the case of a valuables insurance, a valuation report (or bill of purchase) per product is required. In the case of damage you are in most cases covered for restoration or replacement (when possible) or the insured amount will be paid.

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