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Yacht insurance in Spain

Good boat insurance or yacht insurance in Spain can seem a bit difficult. It is important to look carefully at the obligations and wishes in each situation.

“If I transport my boat by road, am I insured?”

Every boat is required to have third party liability insurance. In addition, breakdown assistance or cover for damage to your own boat or yacht is not an unnecessary luxury.

What is boat or yacht insurance for?

First of all, it is important to be covered for damage to third parties. (third party liability) This third party liability insurance is mandatory, just like with car insurance. And just like car insurance, you can opt for only third-party liability (Damage to third parties) or All Risk. With All Risk coverage you are well insured, including against damage to your own boat or yacht.

In addition, there is coverage for towing services in the event of a breakdown. Both on water and on land. Depending on the company, additional (car) insurance may be required for this.

Insurance during storage

Do you leave the boat in the harbour? Do you store it at home or at an (external) storage facility? This is important to indicate when applying for insurance. In the event of theft, different coverage conditions apply in all cases. When you store a boat or yacht externally, you naturally want to be sure that it is properly insured. Our advice is therefore always: Always keep the insurance under your own management.

A special insurer for boat and yacht insurance

We at IFAR are independent and work with more than 20 leading insurers in Spain. In addition, one of them is the market leader in the field of boat and yacht insurance. We are happy to help you find insurance that meets all your requirements and wishes. Let us request and compare your quotes, free of charge and without obligation.


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