Legal assistance insurance

Legal assistance insurance for private individuals in Spain

People often think too late about legal assistance insurance. Unfortunately, conflicts are more common than you might expect. Consider a dispute at work or unwanted situations with local residents or even the government. Unintentionally becoming involved in a conflict not only entails the complexity of the Spanish legal system, but also significant costs. With legal expenses insurance you are assured of legal assistance in such conflict situations.

"Spain is the country with the most lawyers and not without reason!"

In the event of a legal conflict, it is reassuring to know that you can rely on legal expenses insurance. This way you have immediate access to legal help, without having to immediately hire an expensive lawyer.

What does legal assistance insurance cover?

Whether it concerns a claims against you as a private individual or whether you want to sue someone, legal expenses insurance can provide peace of mind and cost savings. Legal assistance insurance not only covers legal assistance in conflicts with other private individuals or companies, but also in disputes with the government. You have access to expert legal help and direct assistance from lawyers with different specializations. This insurance not only provides support in the event of conflicts, but can also help with the preparation of legal documents.

Coverage for the whole family

We offer legal expenses insurance, which covers the entire family. The condition is that everyone must be a Spanish resident and registered at the same address.

Why IFAR can help you with legal expenses insurance

At IFAR we are independent and work with more than 20 leading insurers in Spain. We will guide you thoroughly to eliminate as many risks as possible. Based on your situation, we put together the most suitable insurance, taking into account the premium and desired coverage. You can count on professional and expert guidance with claims, all free of charge and without obligation


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