Transport insurance

Wherever people work, mistakes are made. Especially in the transport branch there are a lot of damages because the goods get handles by many.

"Tens of thousands of euros lost due to a truck accident, is your company prepared for this?"

Insure well for mistakes made in the warehouse and on the road.

What type of companies need a transport insurance?

A transport insurance is for transport companies with their own trucks and warehouse(s). These insurances cover you for damages, waste and loss during transport. It also covers the damage made in your warehouse. In short, good security for your valuable cargo.

Do I need transportation insurance?

Having a transport insurance is not required by law. Although companies often make this a requirement for their carriers. You can imagine, for example, that in the event of a truck accident the client wants his (often valuable) cargo to be insured.

Liability for damage

A load can be transported by several transport companies. But the basic rule is simple:

In the event of damage, the transport company that is currently transporting the cargo is liable.

Be aware! If you have transferred the load to another party and this party has no transport insurance, the claim will be made to your company. Therefore, it’s wise to only work with transport companies that are properly insured.

You can determine the premium yourself

Of course, a load does not always have the same value. So, you can choose up to which amount you want to insure. Do choose an amount that also covers the usual and expensive loads. This is also very important for your clients.

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