Car insurance

Car insurance in Spain

A car insurance is mandatory in Spain. But people have different conditions than you may be used to. For example, there are many differences in cover and premiums.

"In Spain, a car insurance is not very expensive, but people pay for a whole year."

You always take out insurance for one year. Despite the fact that insurers allow (at an additional cost) staggered payments, this is actually not completely allowed by law. You can only receive a (partial) refund if you sell or demolish the car prematurely.

Premium build up of a car insurance

The build up of the premium is determined based on the type of car, driving area and selected extras. (such as roadside assistance and accident risk insurance)
Insurance companies look at the general damage history of your type of car and its potential. (HP) In Spain, people do not look so much at the age and or value of a car, but more at the risk to third parties. For example, a 14-year-old car with a high potential engine may have the same premium as a new car with less power.

Assistencia (roadside assistance)
One of the extra options is a roadside assistance cover for, for example, a towing service, replacement transport and hotel accommodation. This can also be taken out separately, but has many advantages if this is added within the car insurance.
First of all, the premium is lower than if you take out separate car insurance and separate roadside assistance insurance. And secondly, all drivers are insured, with separate road assistance insurance only for the policyholder.

Accident risk insurance
There are options to take out accident risk insurance fairly cheaply in the event of a car accident. For both you and the occupants. A predetermined amount (advice at least € 30,000) will then be payable in the event of death or disability. Let us look at your options.

Liability, Liability+ and All-Risk car insurance

Liability insurance
In Spanish “Responsibilidad Civil” (RC), covers the minimum legal requirement and is for damage to third parties. However, this often includes window damage and towing service.

The same as the normal liability insurance but with cover for fire, theft and “Total-Loss”.

All Risk
The same as the liability insurance, but with this you also have cover for damage to your own car.
You have the option to make the premium cheaper by setting a deductible. (Often € 90 or € 200).
With damage repair, you then pay the first costs (set deductible) yourself.

In the event of a breakdown

In the event of a breakdown (at home or on the road), as our customer you can call us during office hours and we will handle the damage and breakdown assistance in your own language. If you have damage outside office hours, you will find all emergency help contact details on your policy. (So store it in your phone contacts).


Because we focus on people who live here or come to live in Spain from abroad, we have special agreements with the insurance companies. This way you get the maximum “No-Claim” discount through us and we can offer a quote and policy in multilingual. Let us create a suitable quote free of charge and without obligation.


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