Travel insurance

Private travel insurance in Spain

We offer travel insurance that allows you to enjoy your holiday worry-free. This insurance has important coverage. This includes canceled flights or reservations. But also medical assistance and loss of luggage, etc.

“I'm going to the USA, the healthcare costs there are enormous and my health insurer doesn't cover it”

We offer insurance options for both your family and your business trip. Travel insurance can also be taken out as continuous travel insurance.

Types of coverage

First of all, travel insurance must be taken out in the country where you reside.

World coverage
With this insurance you can travel all over the world without any worries. If you go to the United States, Canada or Japan, we will set your healthcare coverage to maximum. The reason is that healthcare costs are very high there. Healthcare costs are also high in some South American countries. Tell us where you are going and we will ensure that you are well insured when you travel.

Europe and Mediterranean area
With this cover you are well insured when traveling in Europe and countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea. If you are going to Switzerland, let us know and we will increase the healthcare coverage to Maximum. This is because healthcare costs are also very high there.

Travel insurance is also possible if you travel within Spain. These are very advantageous because part of the healthcare costs are often already covered by the “Seguridad Social” (Social Care).

Important point about cancellation insurance

Our travel insurance policies also include cancellation insurance. Be careful! The insurance must be taken out a maximum of 7 days after booking. Otherwise the cancellation insurance might not cover you.

Let us prepare your quote free of charge

We at IFAR are independent and work with more than 20 leading insurers in Spain. This means we can always provide the best quote. You can easily request a travel insurance quote. Complete the request form and we will make the right quote free of charge and without obligation.


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