With which company are you insured?

    International helpdesk: 0034-932-532-672
    General customer service: 0034-900-505-040

    International helpdesk: 0034-934-826-600
    General customer service: 0034-900-898-120

    Helpdesk home insurance en business insurance: 0034-913-255-258
    National helpdesk vehicles: 0034-900-117-115
    International helpdesk vehicles: 0034-914-522-926
    ***Important notice for storm period from May 23, 2023***
    From Allianz, we have activated the action plan to draw attention to the strong storms and hailstorms occurring in Andalusia, Murcia and Navarra, and in anticipation of the predicted meteorological situation for the progress Castilla-La Mancha, Catalonia and the Valencian Community they have abandoned days.
    In order to better serve our customers at the moment, we have the following reinforcement:
    • Expert network and repairers to deal with any calamities quickly.
    • Use of video expertise to streamline the company's covered claims procedures.
    • Equipment for processing meteorological events.
    • Specify reporting points for meteorological events from our customer service on 900 101 920

    International helpdesk travel insurance: 0034-933-001-050

    Helpdesk home insurance and business insurance: 0034-900-908-832
    National helpdesk vehicles: 0034-900-300-188
    National helpdesk health insurance: 0034-900-908-795
    National helpdesk health insurance (Alternative): 0034-933-125-748
    International helpdesk health and vehicle insurance: 0034-933-669-581

    Helpdesk home insurance: 0034-915-909-752
    Helpdesk business insurance: 0034-915-909-684
    National helpdesk car: 0034-915-909-631
    National helpdesk motor: 0034-915-909-712
    International helpdesk health insurance: 0034-915-909-640
    International helpdesk health and vehicle insurance: 0034-915-949-422

    International helpdesk: 0034-913-790-434
    General customer service: 0034-976-991-199

    Helpdesk business insurance: 0034-915-159-900

    International helpdesk: 0044-113-3180-197

    Helpdesk home insurance and business insurance: 0034-900-243-657
    National helpdesk home insurance (24h): 0034-900-556-000
    National helpdesk vehicles: 0034-900-101-369
    International helpdesk vehicles: 0034-934-955-125

    Helpdesk business insurance: 0034-917-886-150

    International helpdesk: 0034-917-838-383
    International helpdesk (24H): 0034-910-011-500

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    International helpdesk vehicle: 0034-913-939-030

    International helpdesk (24): 0034-917-500-901
    International helpdesk (24) alternative: 0034-913-456-854

    Helpdesk home insurance and business inurance (24H): 0034-934-165-046
    National helpdesk vehicles (24H): 0034-934-165-040
    International helpdesk vehicles (24H): 0034-932-671-040