Private liability insurance

In Spain, a private Liability Insurance is normally included in the building and household (home) insurance. This means that all residents are well insured against damage to third parties.

"My child shot the ball through the neighbors window, am I insured for this?"

Liability (in Spanish Responsibilidad Civil) insurance is also available per person. This is especially for people who are staying in Spain for a short time and do not need home insurance.

What is private liability insurance?

As mentioned, liability insurance is only for damage to third parties.
This means that material damage to yourself or your family is not covered with this insurance.
To have cover for your own damage, you need an All Risk building and contents insurance.

Some situations in which a liability insurance provides cover:

- If you poke someone in the eye when opening your umbrella.
- When you drop a glass of wine on someone else's carpet. (So no family)
- You have damaged a car with your shopping cart.

In short, all outdoor material damage that has been accidentally caused.

Special liability insurance

Potentially Dangerous Dog insurance
When your dog is a breed that is on this list, you are required to insure the dog for damage to third parties.
These so-called “Perros Potencialmente Peligrosos” (PPP) have been identified by the government as potentially dangerous dogs. These dogs must therefore always be muzzled and on a leash.

Fish insurance
Do you like fishing? Then pay attention!
In Spain there are a number of protected fish species. If you (accidentally) catch these, hefty fines can be issued. With a special fish insurance you are covered for this.

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