Company insurance in Spain

As an entrepreneur in Spain you have a number of insurance obligations.
Especially if you have staff and are affiliated with a certain “convenio” (Collective labor agreement - CLA).

"Arrange business insurance properly and avoid penalties during checks or claims paid from own pocket"

There are also a number of compulsory or often desired insurances for self-employed persons and companies.
(An accident or life insurance for example).
That is why it is very important to take a good look at your own situation and wishes.

Which insurance policies are available for companies?

First of all, it is important to look at which insurance is mandatory for your company:

Convenio (CLA) insurance
As said, if you have staff you are affiliated with a Convenio.
This collective labor agreement often entails a number of insurance obligations that only apply to personnel.
Pay attention! You as an entrepreneur therefore are outside this Collective Labor Agreement and are not included in this.
We can check exactly which coverings are mandatory for your company.
There are special CLA insurance that automatically change with the law.
You therefore no longer have to worry about it.
You can find more information about this insurance on this page.

Responsibilidad Civil insurance (Liability)
Legal liability insurance is compulsory for certain professions. Think of doctors, architects etc.
For other professions, liability insurance is not an unnecessary luxury.
In Spain there are 3 types of liability insurance for companies.

- General liability
- Professional liability
- Liability for Directors and Consultants (Managers)

Liability insurance only covers damage to third parties, never to your own company.
You can find more information about business liability insurance on this page.

Office or Building insurance
It makes quite a difference whether you have an office space, shop, warehouse or factory, for example.
However, insurance is mandatory for every property.
In short, there are 2 insurance policies:

- Commercio / Negocio for offices and shops.
- PYME for (large) warehouses and factories.

It is possible to take out special insurance policies with us, that are precisely tailored to your company.
In particular for building and household effects, third-party and accident insurance.
More information about these insurance policies can be found here.

Have your own situation examined by us free of charge

We at IFAR are independent and we work with more than 20 leading insurance companies in Spain. We can therefore always come up with the best offer.
Let us check what your obligations are and let us guide you with your personal wishes.
Of course, this is always free of charge and without obligation.

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