Fleet insurance

Fleet insurance in Spain

A vehicle fleet insurance has many premium differences in Spain. It is an advantage that IFAR works with more than 20 insurers. We look at all providers to see what is most advantageous for you.

"Interesting discounts on premiums are possible for companies with several cars or trucks."

First of all, it is nice to have all vehicles under one insurer. Secondly, it is very important for companies that claims are settled quickly and that claims payments are good. We look independently at the best insurer for all your vehicles.

Let IFAR save premium for you

A car or truck insurance in Spain has a similar structure to other European countries.
As basic cover, on the one hand, the damage caused to third parties is compensated , or, on the other hand, the damage caused by third parties is claimed from the counterparty. There are also optional covers, including window, theft, fire, total loss or all-risk cover.

Good fleet insurance in Spain

If your company has several cars, vans or trucks, we ensure that they are insured under the best conditions.
We reduce insurance premiums and thus your operating costs.
IFAR works with insurance companies that offer a personalized service and have an excellent reputation in the field of claims settlement.

We are independent and offer the best coverage

Because we work with more than 20 insurers, we can choose the best policy for you. And with comparable quality, we naturally opt for the cheapest premium.
This is how we minimize risks and premiums for our clients in Spain.

Injury? We assist you ourselves

In case of claims, we represent the interests of our customers with the insurance companies, without you paying more premium.
We do not outsource claims handling and certainly do not allow claims to be rejected directly by the insurance company.
We let the claims handling run through us in order to represent your interests as much as possible.

Let us create your quote

We at IFAR are independent and can therefore always come up with the best offer.
We also have special price agreements for a maximum no-claim discount for new residents and expat companies. Let us create a quote free of charge and without obligation.



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