Private insurance in Spain

We offer all private insurance in Spain, from simple travel insurance to life insurance. But what are the most taken out insurances?

"I now live in Spain, do I meet my insurance obligations?"

To answer that, you have to look at your property and risks.
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What insurance do you need as a private individual in Spain?

Normally you buy or rent a house, you drive a car and you want to be well insured for healthcare. For that reason, these are the most sought after insurance policies:

Building and Contents Insurance (Home insurance)
When you buy a home you are obliged to insure it. Even if you rent a house, you are often obliged to take out home insurance. The lease often states that you must insure a (small) part of the building and your own household contents.
In addition, in Spain your Statutory Liability Insurance (“Responsibilidad Civil”) is often included in the home insurance. (Very important!)
You can find more information about Buildings and Contents Insurance on this page.

Car insurance
If you buy a car in Spain or have imported your own car, it must be insured.
As long as the car is not on Spanish registration, it will have to be insured in the registration country. Please note that you have 6 months to convert the license plate.
More information about car insurance in Spain can be found on this page.

Health insurance
In Spain they have a social care system. (Seguridad Social)
This means that you can be helped for free for all medical treatments.
Unfortunately, public care is not very good. Therefore, private health insurance is not an unnecessary luxury. Firstly to shorten waiting times and secondly to be helped by a specialist of your choice. (Eg in your own language).
You can find more information about private health insurance on this page.

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