Health insurance

Private Health Insurance

First of all, a private health insurance is not an unnecessary luxury in Spain.
Especially since there are often very long waiting times plus the specialist will be chosen for you.
Spain has a Social Care system that basically covers all health care costs, but it has quite some flaws.

"Every time a different doctor, doesn´t give me a confident feeling."

With private health insurance you have more choice of specialists and (much) shorter waiting times. Therefore, always take out private health insurance when you are still healthy, because otherwise your current health issues can be excluded from coverage.

Dental insurance

The basic health insurance does not have dental coverage (or dental surgery coverage). But it is possible to take this separately. Take note! Most treatments are only covered partially.
Most insurances fully cover treatments such as:

- Pulling teeth.
- X-ray pictures.
- Annual dental cleaning.

How health insurance premiums are build up.

First of all, they look at your age. (The younger the cheaper)
In addition, non-smokers usually pay less premium.
The insurance will be taken out for one year and will automatically be renewed yearly. However, there are insurers who can throw you out of the insurance after one year due to excessive use. (But never because of a current illness)

A premium will increase slightly every year due to inflation. In addition, the premium may rise due to excessive use. If the costs rise too much, we will simply look for another healthcare provider.

What types of coverage exist?

The cheapest (but also kind of worthless) is the “Co-Pago” coverage. You pay an (often small) amount for each doctor's visit.
In addition, this form of insurance is often not valid for a NIE application without an employment contract.

Cuadro medico
Depending on the insurer, the “Cuadro medico” insurance is an excellent solution. This allows you to visit all affiliated doctors and specialists free of charge and all paperwork will go automatically. With a cuadro medico insurance it is important to see which insurer is affiliated with which doctors in your region. Because this can differ greatly per insurance company and ofcourse you prefer to go to your own doctor.

A reembolso insurance is a supplement to the cuadro medico insurance.
You can therefore make use of all affiliated doctors and specialists of the insurer.
Also, non-affiliated doctors and specialists will be reimbursed for the most part. (Often up to 80% or 90%)

Why IFAR as a mediator?

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We work with more than 20 leading insurers and therefore always come up with the best offer free of charge and without obligation.


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