Incapacity insurance for business owners

As an entrepreneur, you often don't think about the consequences of temporary incapacity for work. Yet that is very important!
Is there enough money to cover a long-term illness? Or is an incapacity insurance a better option?

"I have been ill for quite some time, what about my fixed costs?"

An accident can happen easily and you can also get sick for a long time.
The last thing you want are financial problems.
In short, it is a wise thing to safeguard your income until you can return to work.

What is an incapacity insurance?

This is an insurance that you will continue to pay wages during (long-term) illness. For example, in case of a (serious) accident.
You can choose the daily wages to be insured yourself.

For your employees

You also have the option of taking out occupational incapacity insurance for your employees. In the event of long-term illness of an employee, you as an entrepreneur will be reimbursed the difference between the social benefit and the salary.

Premium calculation factors

There are a number of factors that will affect your premium:

- Age, the younger you are the cheaper the premium.
- Profession, the premium is higher for a construction worker than for an office worker.
- Health history, the premium can rise due to a disease history. You may also receive certain exclusions or even be refused.

Talk to us to see what your options are.

In combination with term life insurance

Often this insurance is taken out in combination with a death risk insurance. This insurance (also known as life insurance) pays a one-off amount in the event of permanent illness or death.

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