Collective pension

Collective pension savings

In Spain, the state pension is nothing great. (To say the least) A supplementary pension is required to make ends meet in your old age. Thanks to attractive premiums and tax benefits, you can safeguard the old age of you and your employees.

"Pension legislation changes every year, you don't want to depend on that."

Entrepreneurs usually use their own capital during a pension. But unfortunately we often come across that companies in their last years do not run as predicted. As a result, you run the risk of having little or no supplementary pension.

For whom is collective pension savings attractive?

You can collectively save for yourself and all your employees. It is attractive to anyone who works in Spain and wants a guaranteed supplement. Because a pension scheme is very desirable as fringe benefits, the government encourages all entrepreneurs.

Tax benefits

All secondary employment schemes such as health insurance and collective pension savings are tax deductible. Collective pension savings are cheaper, and therefore very attractive with a tax advantage.
We would like to refer you to EuroEconomics for a complete overview of business tax benefits.

How long does a pension savings plan run?

Usually, a pension plan runs until your retirement age. It is also possible to transfer a pension plan to a new employer. In the event of dismissal, illness or death, you can have the saved amount paid out immediately.

Flexibility with payout

When you reach retirement age, you have two choices.
You can have the amount paid out in parts (monthly) or all at once.

Difference from other savings plans

A pension savings plan is no ordinary savings plan. In pension savings, absurdly high interest rates are not promised and the minimum payout is determined. With ordinary savings plans you do run the risk of losing (partly) your investment.

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