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    • Cyber liability for companies is a hot topic. Contact us and we'll take care of everything.

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    • Are you paying too much for your current insurance? Let us check if it can be cheaper?

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  • Mortgages

    • Do you want information about mortgage options in Spain? We will inform you in English.

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    • If you want to do business or enjoy life in Spain, we insure you that you do not want to lie awake.

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Take the entrepreneurial risks that you understand. We insure the rest.


We insure your risks and assets so that you can enjoy life in Spain.


The best conditions for residents and non-residents in Spain.

About us

We are the insurance broker who takes care of everything in Spain for you.

We work with over twenty leading insurance companies in Spain and can therefore be fully available to our European customers to advise and guide them in Dutch, English or Spanish in finding the best solution from the Spanish insurance and financial market. .

We minimize risks and premiums for both our business and private relationships in Spain.

If there are claims, we represent the interests of our clients with the insurance companies, without having to pay any extras.

We do not outsource claims handling and certainly do not allow them to be handled by the insurance company itself. We let that run through us to maximize your interests.

We aim to build a long-term relationship with our clients. Keywords in our way of working are; acting independently, working transparently, practical thinking, speed & professionalism

Why is IFAR the best company to choose?

IFAR is a registered insurance broker. For this, the strictest requirements must be met in Spain. This guarantees the treatment of your insurance at the highest quality level.


We work with more than 20 Spanish and international insurers. From this we choose the insurance with the best premiums for you per insurance. And if a company raises its premiums, we go to another. This way we keep your premiums low.

How does IFAR make it easy for me?

We make the translation for you in terms of language and regulations. You can email and call us in English. We answer your questions as clearly as possible. In fact, we simply arrange everything. This is how we make it as easy as possible for you.

Can IFAR take care of my mortgage quickly?

A mortgage for your dream house in Spain turns out to be different than in the UK, USA or any other country. You will receive a Spanish brochure with everything you need to deliver and the highest interest rate because you are a foreigner. We only ask you what is needed, in English, and give you the best offer in no time.


We represent your interests

We want you to be able to work and live safely in Spain. We take care of all your insurance policies for you without having to pay more premiums.

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