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Onze Hypotheek producten

Op deze pagina vind je een overzicht van onze hypotheek bemiddeling producten. We helpen je graag aan een (tweede) thuis in Spanje! Van oriëntatie tot afronding, IFAR heeft alles in huis om je hierin te begeleiden

“Nederlandse begeleiding bij je hypotheekaanvraag, wel net zo makkelijk”

Ook in Spanje zijn er verschillende soorten hypotheken mogelijk bij de aankoop van een woning. IFAR biedt begeleiding bij alle vraagstukken op het vlak van hypotheekadvies. Dit doen wij aan de hand van 3 overzichtelijke stappen:

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1. Calculation of Mortgage possibilities

Before acquiring your new dream house in Spain, you obviously want to know the possibilites for obtaining a morgage. At IFAR we can calculate your situation and provide a clear insight in maximum mortgage and associated monthly costs. This gives you a solid indication before acquiring your new (second) home in Spain. See also this page for more detailed information.

Costs of this product: € 75,-

2. Official Mortgage offer

Our key expertise is to provide you a official mortgage offer, So after buying your new Spanish dream house, or even before, we can help you getting an official Mortgage offer from a Spanish bank with the right conditions. During this process we discuss together how we discuss your situation and determine how to finalize this process in an effective and efficient manner.

Costs of this product: € 300,-

3. Standard Mortgage process

After an official mortgage offer, the process for obtaining the required mortgage really starts. Together we guide you in this process - from beginning till the final handover moment. Next to the mortgage process, required documents needs to be translated and taxation needs to be conducted. You can use our network in Spain to get the right help for these activities.

For this product, standard mortgage product are: private mortgage applications with steady income (e.g. monthly salary, pension income etc.) and a total mortgage value less than 1 Mln EUR.

Costs of this product: € 900,-

4. Tailored Mortgage process

We have years of experience in the Spanish financial sector. Therefore we are able to also offer tailored mortgaga solutions. In Spain there are special conditions if you want to obtain for instance a Business mortgage or a high value mortgage. We know our way within the Spanish banking world and we love to help you in this quest from beginning till the end.

Also for the tailored solution, next to required documentation extra translation and real estate taxation is a prerequisite for a Spanish mortgage.

Costs of this product: € 1500,-