Corporate Liability Insurances

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Corporate Liability Insurances

We are the insurance broker who takes care of your company risks in Spain.

General Liability

This policy covers material and bodily damages caused to third parties. With this product you are well protected against claims from third parties, such as customers, suppliers, personnel, or owners of the buildings used for company purposes.

Professional Liability

For companies that handle sensitive client information or intellectual property, there is a professional civil liability policy. This policy covers material, personal, and economic damages to third parties caused by error, professional omission or negligence during the execution of a professional activity.

With this insurance, you have coverage against claims from third parties including loss of documentation, and intellectual property damages.

Administrative Civil Liability

This policy covers managers, directors, and executives of companies against claims from creditors, shareholders or employees during their function as an administrator.

This insurance covers personal assets against alleged economic damages, legal defense costs and possible compensation. It also provides coverage for the insured’s spouse or domestic partner and a period after retirement.

Independent, best coverage and lowest premiums

We work with more than twenty leading insurance companies in Spain and can therefore be fully available to advise and guide you in English or Spanish in finding the best solution for your insurances and financial services in Spain.

We minimize risks and premiums for our business relationships in Spain. The main issue in our brokerage is maintaining the independence in our advice.

Damage? We assist you ourselves

In the event of a claim for damages, we take care of our interests, without having you to pay more premium.

We do not outsource claims settlement, we take care of it ourselves to maximize your interests.

Fast, practical and professional

We aim to build a long-term relationship with our customers. Keywords in our way of working are; acting independently, working transparently, practical thinking and professionalism.

In this way we can also take care of your insurance affairs and we are happy to guide you in insuring your business risks in Spain.

We make it safe

We minimize risks and premiums , we are independent. Your interest is our interest .

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