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Apply for a mortgage in Spain: (in 3 simple steps)

Our goal is to make mortgage applications run as smoothly as possible. For this we have made a simple 3-step plan that we go through together with you.

Apply for a mortgage in Spain - step 1: Introduction 

The first step towards financing your dream home is a short intake and discussing the wishes and possibilities with each other. With this information we can put together a plan to obtain a mortgage in Spain. The process is also discussed in detail to get a understanding of the whole process.

There is also an option to just get a first indication regarding mortgage possibilities. See this page for detailed information.

Step 2: Preliminary offer from the bank 

In the second step, we will provide the necessary documents to the bank. You can see which documents are required for this in a handy overview on the link below.

Required documents mortgage application (.PDF)

For the intake up to the preliminary quotation, you pay a standard rate of €400 excl. VAT

Step 3: Definitive offer from the bank 

After the quotation, follow-up is required to finalize the mortgage process in an efficient and effective way. We guide you through this entire process and ensure coordination and negotiation with the Spanish bank. By default, this process also requires an official translation of documents and an appraisal. We help you find the right contacts to have this done properly and efficiently.

Good to know that we make a distinction between a standard mortgage process and a customized mortgage process. Because more work and documents are required for a customized process, we ask for a higher commission for this. For more information about the products you can look at this page.

Commission costs for standard mortgage process are: 1100€* 

Commission costs for tailored- or business mortgage process are: 1800€*

What you can expect from us:

-We guide you through opening a bank account.
-Mediation/negotiation of your mortgage.
- Supervising the valuation.
- Supervising the translation of required documents.
-General control of the entire mortgage application process.

In short, we guide you from application to signing your mortgage.

*All our prices are exclusive of 21% IVA (VAT)

Not included in our service:

We love to help you to apply for a mortgage in Spain but when taking out a mortgage, any translation, notary and appraisal costs are not included in our service. We can, however, help you find a suitable party.

*The bank always reserves the right to make changes to their general terms and conditions. This is often due to changes in the market or legislation. We as an intermediary cannot be held liable for this.


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